Product Barcode Generator – This plugin allows you to create dynamic barcodes for WooCommerce products and Orders. The “Product Barcode Generator” can generate barcodes based on SKU numbers, and IDs, using a total of 14 formats, including EAN13, UPC (A), and CODE128. Can easily customize barcode width, height, color, and label, from the plugin settings page

Barcode Format #

  1. CODE128 (Auto)
  2. CODE128A
  3. CODE128B
  4. CODE128C
  5. CODE39
  6. EAN-13
  7. EAN-8
  8. UPC(A)
  9. ITF
  10. MSI
  11. MSI10
  12. MSI11
  13. MSI1010
  14. MSI1110
  15. Pharmacode


  • Dynamic BarCodes generate.
  • BarCodes generate from SKU, ID
  • 15 formats: (EAN13, UPC (A), CODE128…)
  • BarCodes Download and Print Option.
  • Custom BarCodes Design.
  • Bulk Print option based on category
  • Bulk Download option based on category
  • Bulk Print from dashboard and frontend
  • Bulk Download from dashboard and frontend
  • Add Capability (User Role)
  • View single product page


  • Barcode Width & height
  • Line Color & Background
  • Barcode Label typography
  • Included Product title and price

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