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When an order is placed a confirmation order email is sent to the seller and the customer. WooCommerce by default mailing system does this. We have placed a barcode in the mail template in this plugin, which is generated according to the order id or transaction id.

Through this barcode, you can easily handle any ordering process. Let’s see how it works and how to customize this barcode

======  Demo:=====


Click here to view the preview email live


Order mail Barcode

Settings Page: #

This is the Order mail barcode Settings Page, You can customize the barcode color, height, and barcode generated process with order ID or Transaction number. Please see the below screenshot image and read the description. We have tried to discuss the details

Order barcode for WooCommerce


Generate the barcode using: you Can Create an Order barcode from

  1. The Order Number: The barcode will be created based on the Order number. You can add Prefix before the order number, it’s optional
  2. The Transaction number: The barcode will be created based on the Transaction number.
  3. Custom Number: The barcode will be created on the Custom number


You can get an idea about Order Number and Transaction number

Order barcode diagram



How to create an order barcode on a Custom number?:

Please go to WooComerce > Order page and click on an order, on this page, you will see a section to order barcodes. Enter the number or string in this box and then click the Update Barcode button. You will see the barcode generated with your own custom number. If you empty and save this file, the barcode will be generated from the settings page

Order barcode on Custom number



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